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You have accessed a web application every time you 'do' something online. Online shopping, online banking, or web-mail are all examples of online services. Web applications are simply application software that is stored on a remote server provided by a third party and may be accessed directly from your browser without the need to download anything. Web application development is the process of creating an application that can be accessed via a web browser by utilising client-side and server-side programming. Developers start by brainstorming ideas for web applications based on a specific problem, then design the app, select the appropriate framework to construct the web app, test it, and ultimately launch it.

Motionray Web Application Development Process

The method we advocate begins with laying the groundwork, which includes identifying your business goal and outlining the primary deliverables.

Identify the Idea

The first stage is for our clients to outline the problem they wish to tackle with a web application and then gather important information about it. A well-defined problem will help to guide the project and support the best solution. This step entails defining the application's purpose and end goals. Our developers will identify and research the intended audience for the application, which could include your staff or consumers. If the audience consists of employees, we may solicit their assistance in the preparation stage. We may also undertake a competitor study to identify current apps that appeal to the same audience as yours, ensuring that yours stands out.


In this step, we will select the tools, platforms, and frameworks that will be used to build your web application. The tools will be appropriate for the project's type and scale, and their cost should be within your budget. We will collaborate with you to set realistic timelines and milestones for the development of the web application.

Designing the application

The design phase entails producing a wireframe or a prototype to communicate the solution to target users. The design will be based on elements that give a good user experience for that audience, according to the creators. The wireframe will then be presented to potential users, their input will be recorded, and revisions will be made until they are pleased.

Building the application

When the design is complete, it is time to develop the application. Several steps will take place during this stage:

  • Make a database - We will assess what data and data types are required for the programme to perform properly and will design a database to store this data.
  • Front-end design - We will develop the application's frontend based on items accepted by users throughout the wireframing process.
  • Development of the backend- Interaction between the user and the server will be created by our professional developers.
Test and Implement

Following that, our quality assurance team will test the programme for functionality, usability, compatibility, security, and performance using rigorous tests meant to eradicate defects and ensure it runs smoothly and without problems. In addition, our testing approach can uncover potential future improvements and upgrades. We eventually pass over the application to our clients to implement it in their organisation or launch it to your customers once testing has determined that the programme works properly.

Post Launch Support

After the great launch, our web development process does not end. Our professional development staff is always ready to resolve issues, implement updates based on customer input, optimise your product's performance, renew license, and add new features in accordance with the product roadmap to provide you a hassle free application usage experience.

Motionray Website Application Development Services

Our professional application developers have elevated the quality and experience of our development services to a world-class level. Their experience is an asset, and our value is our confidence in our ability to help you. Our customer-centric strategy has been extremely beneficial in the past, and we are confident that it will continue to be so in the future.

Custom Web Applications

Custom website applications can save your company a significant amount of time and money. Consider your most time-consuming jobs and how wonderful it would be to automate them! Because these apps are designed to obtain the most user interaction possible, a custom web app can also enhance your conversion rates. There is no "one size fits all" strategy to developing custom web applications. But there are two things that all of our custom web apps have in common: they're extremely user-friendly and can be tailored to your specific requirements. Your one-of-a-kind application will be built within an easy-to-use CMS (Content Management System), allowing you and any other members to enjoy a stress-free experience. If you want to learn more about the Motionray development process and give us an opportunity to help your business grow, please contact us.

Responsive Web Applications

If your app is meant to be used in a smartphone web browser, it must be responsive. If a user visits a non-responsive online application and the content is zoomed out or appears tiny, the user will have a negative experience with your application (pinching or zooming in and out in an attempt to use it). Your users will have a better experience if you design your app correctly and make it responsive, which may assist you and the company you work for to accomplish the income and/or engagement that you seek. Motionray enhances the reach of your business, websites, and web applications to mobile users and provides a great interaction experience by developing finest responsive web applications.

Booking Web Applications

Do you need to reserve an airline ticket, a hotel room, or a restaurant table? With our web booking application, you can now book and arrange almost anything in a matter of minutes. Even a decade ago, no one could have predicted that the booking procedure would become so simple. Today, however, it is difficult to resist the urge to use internet booking services. Online booking platforms provide us with a lot of ease and provide a win-win situation for both businesses and customers. Many businesses may control their bookings through a single app or website, and users can easily make arrangements and reservations. Motionray provides services that can meet the expectations of clients in a timely manner. A user selects a product or service, orders it, monitors its arrival, and receives it effectively and efficiently. We develop all types of booking web applications for all domains of business.

E- Commerce Web Applications

The world of e-commerce is rapidly evolving. Nowadays, it's difficult to fathom a life without e-commerce, where one can buy anything, at any time and from any location. Shopping on these e-commerce websites is as easy as walking down the street. People simply go to their preferred online store's website or mobile application, build a wish list, and place their final order. As a result, it is critical that your e-commerce website be well-designed and thoroughly optimised for a better user experience. To compete in the e-commerce market, you must make your website more alive by changing the appearance or feel of it and promoting new as well as in-store products. For that, Motionray provides you the best in-class experience for your web application needs. With skills ranging from high-performance infrastructure setup to user-centric web design and ecosystem implementation, we answer to a wide range of development needs. We plan and manage a whole ecommerce development project, from the research of your business requirements and user experience design to the execution, integration, and launch of your ecommerce solution. We endeavour to make all of your company processes more efficient, and we link an ecommerce component with your other business systems to enable automated data transfer. We handle a wide range of integration possibilities based on your company's needs and goals.

Why choose Motionray for your web application Development services?

Motionray creates practical and visually appealing business solutions as an experienced web application development service provider. To exceed expectations, we use the best of modern programming languages, front and back-end technologies, databases, cloud services, and other tools. Our expert development team can assist you in rapidly increasing your user base, unlocking new digital opportunities across channels, and reaching lucrative business milestones. They keep up with today's increasing technological breakthroughs. We even help modernise or fully remodel old-fashioned web interfaces as part of our custom web application development services mix to align them with increasing user needs. We refine your vision with designs, earn trust by meeting your needs, execute with strategy, and deliver with precision. Increasing traffic to your application means gaining more business, and in order to keep the balance, our team may go nuts. We provide a high-quality product that requires little maintenance. We will ensure that our web development services meet all important needs, including Appearance, Connectivity Independence, Responsive Design, Effective Navigation, Browser Consistency, and Higher User Engagement in particular of all business domains. We also provide high-quality web application services at reasonable prices. As the leading web application development company, we provide a wide choice of technologies to our clients in order to produce perfectly powerful web app solutions. To better serve our consumers, we employ new frameworks. We create apps and websites that provide value to customers and provide businesses a strong online presence by efficiently combining technology stacks. If you want to make your vision alive, contact us today to know more about our development services.